Endurance Sports Coaching

PTC offers a variety of options for different athletic levels and sports needs.


Currently there are two positions open to join the High Performance Squad Triathlon for 2020. On the section below on the left and in the athletes section you can check out what HPS stands for and which athletes are currently training in the group.

If you just want to get to most out of your training check out the section on the right below and contact me for further details. Together we will build an individual tailored training program for all athletic levels in triathlon, duathlon, cycling or running.  

High     Performance    Squad

Hopes, Plans & Smiles


€ 250/month

Group of young high potentials who constantly push each other to the next level in order to achieve their goals. For some of them these goals are competing at the Olympic Games and World Triathlon Series, others aim to be the best in Belgium one day. We train together several times every week in Leuven which requires a positive mindset and social control of everyone to push our physical boundaries to new levels. Therefore HPS stands for Hopes, Plans and Smiles as we try to achieve our goals with SMART scientific planning while having fun along the way.  Check out the members of the training group  and contact us if you're think your ready to join these ambitions group of great people. Joining us means you have the potential to be an A-level athlete and willing to go all the way with the rest of the group.

Individual training programs

All Level Age Group

Triathlon, Running, Cycling

€ 150 - 200/month

Working with an individual training program has many advantages as it can prevent monotony slipping in your training and you don't have to worry any more which training you should do to be on your best during the races. It's a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, and we can also measure improvements with Graded Exercise Test (GXT). Whether it's an Ironman Triathlon, Sprint Distance Triathlon, High level or low level cycling ambitions, running a marathon sub 2:30 or just finishing your first 10K run, let us help you guide through the process and take your performance to the next level while enjoying the beauty of sport.


There are also possibilities for working on specific technical aspects for one sports in combination with your current training plan.  Contact me for more information how we can work this out.

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