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Leuven based High Performance Squad (HPS) 

Triathlon / Cycling / Running

Achieving great results doesn't happen overnight. My goal is to work with motivated athletes all over the world who want to reach their full potential in a stimulating environment. A continuous feedback loop between athlete and coach in combination with a personal training plan based on the available scientific research are key for success.

Check out the options 'Coaching' if your goal is to join the High Performance Triathlon Squad, which incorporates several weekly sessions with direct feedback OR if your looking for your own optimal personalised training plan for triathlon, cycling, running, duatlon. 


Glenn Poleunis

About me

Music will tell you more about me than I ever will.

"True nobility lies in being superior to your former self", EH.

As a young promising cyclist I had to quit unexpectedly with high level sports due to an injury. It was a hard blow at the time but with the passion for sports burning inside from early childhood, sports kept on playing an important role in my life. After 2 years of studying in the army, which was not my cup of tea to express it gently, I started studying Phyisotherapy at KU Leuven always with the goal in mind to work with athletes one day. In this period I also fell in love with triathlon first as an athlete and with the inspiring lessons of professor Peter Hespel I quickly found my self fascinated with exercise physiology and coaching.

Proper biomechanics are crucial to me and I m happy that I was able to work with Kris Vinken as a swim coach in this period and with Robbie Billen with who I started to give Running Smart Running sessions. Step by step I found myself more becoming a coach and less physio as I felt the commitment/joy of the athletes I was coaching and I wanted to prevent them making the same mistakes I made as an athlete.

Together with my colleague Cedric Slock I started the Turtles Triathlon project and it's rewarding to see how some of these underdog athletes are developing year by year. For some of them we are now aiming for the top to be an Olympian some day, for others we try to be the best in Belgium.

I truly believe you can only reach your fullest potential if you have the right values in life so mutual respect, being humble are essential for me if you want to join the training crew. Ultimate goal is developing an athlete/person who's able to take autonomous decisions in racing/life in order to be successful. Therefore I also want to thank all the people mentioned above for making me a better person or coach and all the athletes I worked with for pushing me all the time to be the best as well.

To stay up to date about the science behind triathlon I depend on authors like Inigo Mujika, Didier Cholet, Ludovic Seifert, Stephen Seiler, Asker Jeukendrup, Frans Bosch and reading about/talking with/listening to and observing top coaches such as Malcolm Brown, Darren Smith, Joel Filliol and others. All this in mind I'm a huge advocate of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and an holistic approach in order to obtain the results we are looking for.

When I'm not thinking about sports I consider myself as a lifetime traveller, an obsessive music fan (from Bob Dylan to electronic music), play(ed) guitar and piano and finding my inspiration in books from Jack London, Hemmingway, Kundera, GG Marquez to Steinbeck. I'm in love with Spanish culture and language, vegetarian and co founder of Magnus Physiotherapy. You start to feel slow when being around top level athletes that's why I try to keep in shape with some (trail)running and climbing to keep a small part of my remaining sport self esteem intact.


Endurance Sports Coaching

PTC offers a variety of options for different athletic levels and sports needs.


Currently there are two positions open to join the High Performance Squad Triathlon for 2020. On the section below on the left and in the athletes section you can check out what HPS stands for and which athletes are currently training in the group.

If you just want to get to most out of your training check out the section on the right below and contact me for further details. Together we will build an individual tailored training program for all athletic levels in triathlon, duathlon, cycling or running.  


High     Performance    Squad

Hopes, Plans & Smiles


€ 250/month

Group of young high potentials who constantly push each other to the next level in order to achieve their goals. For some of them these goals are competing at the Olympic Games and World Triathlon Series, others aim to be the best in Belgium one day. We train together several times every week in Leuven which requires a positive mindset and social control of everyone to push our physical boundaries to new levels. Therefore HPS stands for Hopes, Plans and Smiles as we try to achieve our goals with SMART scientific planning while having fun along the way.  Check out the members of the training group  and contact us if you think you are ready to join this ambitions group of great people. Joining us means you have the potential to be an A-level athlete and willing to go all the way with the rest of the group.

Individual training programs

All Level Age Group

Triathlon, Running, Cycling

€ 150 - 200/month

Working with an individual training program has many advantages as it can prevent monotony slipping in your training and you don't have to worry any more which training you should do to be on your best during the races. It's a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, and we can also measure improvements with Graded Exercise Test (GXT). Whether it's an Ironman Triathlon, Sprint Distance Triathlon, High level or low level cycling ambitions, running a marathon sub 2:30 or just finishing your first 10K run, let us help you guide through the process and take your performance to the next level while enjoying the beauty of sport.


There are also possibilities for working on specific technical aspects for one sports in combination with your current training plan.  Contact me for more information how we can work this out.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”


Contact Me

Leuven, Belgium

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