As a co-founder of Magnus this is the place where I carried out my physiotherapy related activities. Now we work together with almost the entire squad for 'quick fixes' whenever the athletes experience problems. Injury prevention also plays an important role in this and that's why we made a specific injury prevention screening for triathletes with Caroline Dauw en Jeroen Nauwelaerts.


Development coach

The combination of the app 'Train with Push' and their weightlifting-band is making sure the athletes are lifting the correct weight for the trainingsblock they're in.

Essential for monitoring your strength training correctly!

Available in Belgium via:


The athletes can always count on dr. Hans Talloen for follow-up over blood results and quick interventions with injuries and illnesses.


For some fast running, we need running shoes that fit our feet and running pattern perfectly. That's where Erik comes into the picture. His knowledge and expertise is of great value for the team.

A big thank you to KU Leuven for providing us with excellent, homebased training facilities and letting us try the newest technology in sports science.


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